Door Entry System

Install one or more door controllers and use the DoorFlow software to ensure that only valid members can access your Club

Access ControlKey Features

  • Integration with DoorFlow access control system (third party)
  • Member list synchronised automatically to DoorFlow from Membership Database, so you only need to maintain your data in one place
  • Tried and tested door entry system
  • Works with proximity cards (credit card size) or key fobs - the cards can be printed with club and/or sponsor designs
  • New members automatically gain access (when they are allocated a card or fob); expired members automatically lose access rights
  • Powerful reporting on member entries to the club (approved and denied)
  • Variable access rights for different membership categories if required (e.g. Peak v Off Peak), and also options for staff, cleaners etc

Examples of clubs using our system to manage their bookings include squash clubs, indoor tennis centres, multi-sport clubs and health & fitness clubs.

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Cards, Fobs and Keypads

DoorFlow operates with proximity cards or fobs - users present their card or fob to the reader to gain access, if they have the correct rights.  Alternatively, you may opt for a key code - this is less secure, but may be suitable for internal doors, or entry where there is also a manned reception.

Enrolment Reader

To speed up the allocation of cards to members, an enrolment reader enables you to scan the card or fob and allocate it to a record in the Membership Database.

Extended Warranty

Door Controllers come with a one year manufacturer's warranty included.  At the end of that year, you may wish to extend the warranty on your controller(s).

ServiceOur Service & Fees


We will set up your DoorFlow software for you, and set your member list to synchronise from the Membership Database.

Our standard setup fee for the integration add-on is just £150.

Hardware and Installation

The hardware you require will depend upon your club layout, any existing hardware which may be re-usable, and your specific requirements.  We don't install the hardware ourselves, but we can put you in contact with an experienced installer who can visit your facility and provide a quote for installation.

Cards and Fobs

There is a range of options for you to choose from - cards start from around £1.10 each (unprinted) and fobs from around £1.80 each.  However, different cards and fobs are compatible with different readers, so it's generally best to decide on these after your installer has visited your site to provide a quote.


The annual fee for the DoorFlow software, including the integration with the Membership Database, is £432 for one door controller.  Software for a second controller costs £78 per year, and for a third (and additional) controllers the annual cost is £39 each.


We offer on-site training for £250 for a half day course or £400 for a full day, plus travel expenses.

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All fees are subject to VAT at the standard rate