Email Newsletters

Add professional email newsletters to improve member communications, track delivery and even automate news emails to reduce admin!

NewsletterKey Features

  • Integration with MailChimp Email system (third party)
  • Member list synchronised automatically to MailChimp from Membership Database, so you only need to maintain your data in one place
  • Professional looking emails with high deliverability
  • Option for automated weekly or monthly newsletter distributing Club News directly to members from your ClubNet Website
  • Powerful reporting on opens, click, bounces etc

Examples of clubs using our integration with MailChimp to manage their emails to members and supporters include tennis clubs, squash clubs, hockey clubs, croquet clubs, multi-sport clubs, fitness centres and village associations.

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ServiceOur Service & Fees


We will set up your MailChimp account for you (unless you already have one), setup your mailing list to synchronise from the Membership Database, and create an email template for you to be consistent in style with your club branding.

If you use our Website module, we can also include an automated newsletter which distributes news articles posted on your website in a weekly or monthly email summary to members.

Our standard setup fee for the integration add-on is just £130.


MailChimp offers a "forever free" account with up to 2000 email addresses and up to 12000 emails per month, which is plenty for most clients.  However, you can upgrade with MailChimp if you need more capacity, or for some more advanced emailing features.

Our annual fee is just £30 for maintaining the integration between the Membership Database and your MailChimp account.


We offer on-site training for £250 for a half day course or £400 for a full day, plus travel expenses.

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All fees are subject to VAT at the standard rate