Membership Database

With a ClubNet Database, you only need to maintain your member data in one place, saving you time and helping keep everything up to date and accurate!

DatabaseKey Features

  • Scalable database to suit small single-sport clubs through to large multi-sport clubs
  • Secure online database
  • Accessible from multiple locations within the club, or even from off-site (via secure login)
  • Controlled access privileges for club manager / reception staff / committee members etc
  • Simple data entry with validation controls to improve data quality
  • Powerful, easy-to-use reporting
  • Enables full integration with the Website, Bookings and Competitions modules, so your members' and staff's experience is seamless
  • Add-ons for Email Newsletters, Membership Fee Collections, Door Entry System and Point of Sale

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The database is customisable to suit large and small clubs.  We refer to Database Lite and the Full Database below, but in reality the system is highly customisable.

So if you require some, but not all, of the features of the Full Database, we can provide you with just the features you do need, and pricing to match.  That way, you get the functionality you need without paying for extras that you won't use.

Database Lite

  • Suitable for smaller, single-sport clubs or single-sport sections of a multi-sport club
  • Standard set of fields for recording member data
  • Simple membership structure for single-sport clubs
  • Can be integrated with Email Newsletters add-on
  • Full reporting functionality

Full Database

  • Suitable for larger, multi-sport clubs or even multi-site clubs with hundreds or thousands of members
  • Additional fields for recording extra member details
  • More complex membership structures for multi-sport clubs, family memberships etc
  • Can be integrated with Email Newsletters, Membership Fee Collections, Door Entry System and Point of Sale add-ons
  • Full reporting functionality
  • Includes additional functionality such as:
    • monitoring gym visits
    • setting fitness programmes
    • recording medical questionnaires
    • recording sign-ups to coaching courses and holiday camps, track attendances and payments
    • pre-populated forms and standard letters (e.g. for membership renewals)
    • recording transactions (NB this is not an accounting system though!)

ServiceOur Service & Fees


We will set up your Membership Database for you, including uploading your existing member data and integrating with other modules.  Our standard setup fee for Database Lite is just £150; for the Full Database, the setup fee is £500.  We can quote for your specific requirements if you require only some of the Full Database features.

Other setup services

  • Data preparation:  Our standard setup assumes that your data is presented in a format ready for upload to the new database.  However, we recognise that some clubs may need assistance with cleansing their data, tidying it up and removing old or duplicate records.  We can help with this and will be pleased to quote for you on sight of your data
  • Bespoke requirements:  Our setup includes standard fields and structures;  the database is highly customisable, so if you have any bespoke requirements which need some custom development, we can quote for your particular needs


We provide a set number of administrator logins within the annual fee, which also includes any platform-wide upgrades.  Our annual fee is £215 per login for Database Lite; the annual fee for the Full Database is £825, which includes two logins and up to 2MB of data storage.  Additional logins and storage are available if required.


We offer on-site training for £250 for a half day course or £400 for a full day, plus travel expenses.

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All fees are subject to VAT at the standard rate

TestimonialsWhat our Clients say

A couple of weeks after our club has re-opened and a couple of months of using our ClubNet upgrades – I think I can speak for the whole Cttee when I say that the changes are EXACTLY what we wanted and what we needed…. From the new member joining process all the way through to the email system it is really good to finally have control of how we administer the club. It's all working really well.

Jeff Fillmore, Membership Secretary
City of Peterborough Squash Club
(4 court Squash Club)