Membership Fees

Collect membership fees by Direct Debit saving you time money and making it easier for members to pay their subs on time!

Membership FeesKey Features

  • Save administration on Membership Fee collections
  • Direct Debits set up online by members, with no paperwork in the vast majority of cases
  • Collect fees monthly, quarterly or annually, as required
  • Integration with Membership Database ensures fees are called automatically in time for renewal
  • Collections automatically recorded in Membership Database, and any failed collections are notified to the club
  • Improved cashflow for the club
  • Easier renewals for members
  • Comprehensive reporting to assist with club accounts

A range of clubs use the Membership Fees add-on to the Membership Database.  However, it adds most value to clubs with larger memberships, where manually requesting, chasing, collecting and recording large numbers of renewals individually becomes extremely time-consuming.

ClubNet provides an integration between the Membership Database and a Direct Debit provider (GoCardless).  ClubNet does not supply payment processing services in-house.  Your club will own its account with GoCardless and ClubNet will not be a party to any transactions between your club and your members.

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ServiceOur Service & Fees


We will set up the software for your Membership Fees add-on to the Membership Database.  Our standard setup fee for the add-on is just £100.


We maintain your Membership Fees add-on for you and maintain the technical aspects, including any platform-wide upgrades.  Our annual fee is £120.

Payment Provider fees

We will assist you with setting up your account with the direct debit provider, GoCardless.  Fees will be confirmed at the time of application, and will be deducted directly by GoCardless from their remittances of funds to the club.


We offer on-site training for £250 for a half day course or £400 for a full day, plus travel expenses.

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All fees are subject to VAT at the standard rate