Team Management

Gather availability from members, select teams and notify players automatically, drastically reducing the workload for Captains and Team Managers!

NewsletterKey Features

  • Member, captain and administrator roles
  • Administrators set up teams, captains, fixtures and venues in addition to all the functions of a captain
  • Captains maintain squads, request availability, select teams and communicate with players; captains can set pre-defined squads or match squads based on a previous fixture and/or by selecting from the member list
  • Assists clubs with increasing membership revenue and reducing non-payment of subscriptions
  • Helps control member data to assist with club compliance with GDPR (data protection legislation)
  • Simple one-click response for members to give their availability; members can also maintain future availability online, giving advance warning of holidays etc to help captains to plan ahead
  • Communications sent by email or, optionally, by SMS

The Team Management system has been designed for use by teams in any sport where they need to check availability, select teams and communicate with players about matches.  It is intended for use by clubs with our Membership Database and Website (including "member portal") modules.

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ServiceOur Service & Fees


We will set up your member list in the Teams system to synchronise from the Membership Database, and create email templates for use by your captains.  We will also set up website pages for your members, captains and administrators to access the functionality they need.

Our standard setup fee for the Team Management system is just £200 (assuming this is taken with our Membership Database and Website modules).  Other configurations are possible - please contact us to discuss your options.


We host your Team Management system for you and maintain the technical aspects, including any platform-wide upgrades.  Our annual fee is £120 for single-sport clubs with our Database Lite module, or £240 for multi-sport clubs or those with the Full Database.


We offer on-site training for £250 for a half day course or £400 for a full day, plus travel expenses.

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All fees are subject to VAT at the standard rate