Club Competitions

ClubNets Competitions module simplifies running leagues, ladders and tournaments with easy online viewing and results entry for members!

CompetitionsKey Features

  • Online system for club competitions such as internal leagues, ladders and club championships
  • No up front investment in specialist hardware or web hosting
  • Easy for players to arrange their matches and enter their scores
  • Suitable for tennis, squash, racketball and other racket sports
  • Can be used for singles or doubles
  • Integrate with Website and Membership Database modules

Examples of clubs using our system to manage their competitions include tennis clubs and squash & racketball clubs - sometimes just for a single set of leagues, in other cases for a wide range of competitions.

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The system works on the basis of "structures" - a structure includes as much as you require from:

  • a set of leagues (unlimited divisions)
  • a ladder
  • knock out and monrad tournaments
  • ranking points (squash and racketball only)

Within a structure, there is one pool of players playing one sport.  Within a single structure, in leagues, players can be freely promoted and relegated between divisions; in the ladder, players' results can move them up and down throughout the order.

Additional structures can be added for additional pools of players and additional sports.  For example, you might have:

  • 2 structures: squash and racketball
  • 2 structures: adult squash and junior squash
  • 3 structures: men's singles, ladies' singles, and mixed doubles tennis
  • Etc...


  • Admin interface with simple step-by-step process to complete the leagues and create the next set
  • Players can enter their scores - a confirmation email is sent to the opponent
  • Wide range of options for points and bonus points
  • Various game scoring options (e.g. PAR or traditional squash scoring to 9, 11 or 15; standard tennis sets, long set, championship tie breaks etc)
  • Promotion and relegation applied automatically
  • Automatically drop players who don't play their games
  • Leagues can be printed in various formats for your notice board


  • Ordered list of players
  • Players can challenge up to a set number of places up the ladder
  • Option for matches to be a "double header" and count for both ladder and league
  • Results count for ranking points


  • Knock out and Monrad tournament formats available
  • Draws created by system
  • Seeds can be set as required
  • Handicap tournaments can be run
  • Optionally include results for ranking points
  • Suitable for closed tournaments (members only) or open tournaments including non-members
  • Public pages allow draw to be seen by non-members


  • Always something to play for with ranking points
  • Summary screens show top climbers and fallers in a given period
  • Can be used for team selection or just a bit of fun / banter at the club
  • Currently available for squash and racketball

ServiceOur Service & Fees


We will set up your competitions system for you, including a wide range of rules and settings such as league points allocations, bonus points, ladder challenge rules etc.  Our standard setup fee for the system is just £50 for one structure; additional structures are available for the reduced setup fee of £25.


We host your competitions system for you and maintain the technical aspects, including any platform-wide upgrades.  Our annual fee is £120 for one structure; additional structures are half price at £60 each per year.


We offer on-site training for £250 for a half day course or £400 for a full day, plus travel expenses.

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