Coronavirus COVID-19

Guidance for Clients

We want all of our colleagues and clients, and their families, friends and communities, to stay safe and well.  We understand the pressures that everyone is facing - whether as someone directly affected by coronavirus, on the front line of the response, a parent or carer, or just trying to stay safe and look out for family, neighbours and friends.

Where we can play our part in helping, we will do our best to do so.

We aim to continue business as normally as possible so that your services remain up and stable as a means for you to support and communicate with your communities.  Some things remain the same, others are different, so here's a summary:

  • We are working from home and our hours are not normal business hours as we have to flex around supporting family, childcare (especially with the school closures) and periods of illness or isolation;  so please don't be surprised if we respond to you at unusual times!  We understand that you'll have your own pressures too, so we'll use ticket updates and email as our main method of contacting you.  We are also using the scheduling system Calendly to make appointments for virtual meetings and phone calls to ensure that we can set aside the time that's needed for you, wherever and whenever we are working...
  • We are cancelling all face-to-face meetings and training sessions, and replacing them wherever possible with online meetings and screen-shares - we are using Webex and Zoom primarily, but can also use Skype if that's preferable
  • We normally perform out of hours website server maintenance and updates etc - that's between 11pm (or 10pm Friday / Saturday) and 6am; we will relax these hours until further notice to ensure that we can maintain the servers safely with our available resources, and mindful that the traffic on most client sites will be much lighter than normal until the situation improves
  • Our phone lines are set to go straight to voicemail;  this is so that we can focus our working time on the things that need to get done.  We will pick up any voicemails, but as a lower priority than Support Tickets and emails
  • Any support issues should be raised as Support Tickets wherever possible; please grade them realistically from 1* to 5*, with 5* reserved only for things which are critical.  There is a tendency to mark everything as 5* because you want it done quickly, but in these times it's especially important to be realistic about what is really urgent
  • If you've got a question that you think others may have asked regarding Coronavirus, please check the FAQs section below in the first instance as that may be the quickest way to get the information you need


Please ensure you pay your fees on time as they fall due - we have bills to pay, like everyone else, and we need to ensure that we maintain strong finances so we can continue to provide the services you rely on.  If you have any specific concerns, please contact us well in advance of a due date so we can discuss whether there's anything we can do to help on an exceptional basis.

We have now issued a detailed Fees Policy for the current circumstances.


We'll add here some of the questions that we've been asked by clients which we think others might find useful.  We'll add to this list as necessary, so please check back here.

  1. We are expecting the new version of the Competitions module to be rolled out - when is this coming?
    We are finalising testing of the new version, but have decided to hold back the release for now - while the current restrictions are in place, the amount of sport being played is much lower, and it won't always be the case the administrators will be able to manage a system change on top of everything else.  So we plan to roll this out when things get back to a more normal state
    UPDATE:  the rollout is underway!  We are going slowly (migrating just a few clubs each week) so that we can manage this alongside a high workload as we assist clubs make arrangements for re-opening in line with Government guidelines
  2. We're closing for a while, so what should I do with the Bookings System so members can't book when we are closed?
    You should cancel all member and block bookings in the period that you are closing for, then add a new block booking called something like "Club Closed" for the period of the closure; if your closure is extended, you can extend the block booking, but try to make sure you do this far enough in advance that members haven't started booking again!  If you use the lighting control add-on, make sure the block booking is set up as a type that is not "In use" so that the lights aren't set to on for the duration of your closure
  3. We're shutting our facility and need to stop card / fob access to the club - what is the best way to do this in the Access Control (DoorFlow) system?
    The best way to remove access rights in DoorFlow is to remove the role(s) from the "Member Group" so that "Member Group" has no roles assigned, then any rights will be removed and no one will have access. If your setup is more complex than a single role for a single group, you should make a note of which role(s) need to be applied to which group before removing them. When you re-open, you can simply re-assign the role(s) to the group(s) and you'll be ready to go.  It goes without saying that you should also take other security measures such as physical locks, alarms, CCTV etc to ensure security and compliance with your insurance requirements.
  4. We are closing for a while and want to switch off our broadband connection - will that cause any problems?
    There are three aspects of the system which you should consider if you switch off your broadband while your site is closed:
    a) Shared interface (kiosk) screen - if you are closed, it won't matter if this is off;
    b) Lighting control program - when a connection can't be made between our server and the lighting control program on your PC, a warning message is emailed to you every few minutes as an alert; when clubs close down and we lose connection we are switching them to a single weekly notification email, so we will do the same for you if you switch off (please email us at if you plan to do this so we can amend your alerts promptly;
    c) Doorflow - the door entry system relies for updates on connecting to Doorflow in the cloud and synchronisin updates - if broadband is switched off, any updates won't flow through from Doorflow to your site, and also any activity on successful or rejected entries won't be fed to the Doorflow system so you won't see any activity. ​

  5. Our operations have stopped - what are our options with paying ClubNet's fees?
    We have issued a Fees Policy for the current circumstances which sets out our approach

  6. Although we are closed, we do still want to run classes and events remotely.  Is there anything ClubNet can do to help with this?
    Yes!  We have added a feature to the bookings system so that classes can be set up via Video Conference.  You simply tick a box in the class setup page.  Members who book on to that class receive a link to join the class in their confirmation and reminder emails, and the instructor clicks an icon on the class booking in the Bookings Admin timesheet to access the class as host.  There is no charge for this service, and if you want to add a new timesheet for "Remote Classes", we can add that for existing Bookings clients for free for the duration of the lockdown.  For more information, feel free to contact us