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Help for further re-opening of facilities

Last week's Govenment announcement regarding the re-opening of more sports and leisure facilities will be the news a lot of clubs and organisations have been waiting a long time for.  Whilst detailed advice from some sports governing bodies is not yet available, and rules in different regions will vary, it appears that in some form or other, some swimming pools, gyms, sports halls and indoor sports such as squash, racketball, badminton and indoor tennis are set to re-start in the next couple of weeks.

We're ready to play our part in helping you get ready.

Here are a few pointers, and if you need further help once your sport's detailed guidance is available, please contact us:

  • Online Bookings:  It seems that advance bookings for facilities are likely to be required (the guidance we've seen so far strongly leans towards online bookings where possible).  So if you have any facilities you're looking to re-open, but you don't yet have a bookings facility for them, please get in touch - we can help
  • Gym and Pool Bookings:  These are facilities that not normally have required bookings.  We've adapted the system so we can use it for bookings of timed slots through the day to allow for a set number of attendees per slot.  It's based on our Fitness Studio system, but we can amend sessions in bulk for you so if guidance changes and you can allow more participants per session, you don't have to edit each session individually!  If this is of interest for your club, please let us know
  • Other Applications:  The bookings system is being extended and adapted to enable it to be used for other applications such as Offices or other facilities too.  If this is of any interest for you or your contacts, send us a message and we'll be happy to help where we can
  • Training Sessions:  Where you don't need people booking a facility, but you do want to gather availability for training sessions so you can allocate limited spaces, our Team Management functionality could help.  What's more, once team matches etc re-start, you can use this system to gather availability, and make and communicate team selections.  We have recently added the Teams functionality to our Demo, so you can take a look if you like.  If this is of interest, please contact us

Here is a reminder of some of the bookings system features we've added in response to Coronavirus and some existing features which are especially relevant at this time:

  • Buffer periods - to allow time for one set of players to leave before the next arrives - this sets the last X minutes of the court time as a buffer, and if you need your court durations extended to allow for this, we can do that for you if you let us know the new duration you would like and the new start and end times
  • Opponent Entry - the ability to make opponent entry mandatory so that you know who is using your facilities at any time, and can see those details easily in the new reporting (see below)
  • Doubles Play - on-screen guidance to help meet specific requirements about playing doubles
  • Conditions of Use - for clubs which choose to implement it, a new requirement for members before entering the system (on first access after implementation only) to agree to the club's conditions of use in the current circumstances.  The wording is customisable
  • Booking Confirmation - a new checkbox to be completed prior to completing any booking to ensure that the booker and their opponent(s) are not required to stay at home under Government restrictions.  Again, the wording is customisable, and clubs choose whether to implement this
  • Enhanced Reporting - a new report to help with track and trace requiements, showing any members (and their contact details) who were booked on facilities at the club within a set date / time range of someone who has subsequently notified the club that they have developed symptoms and/or tested positive
  • Contactless Check-in and Club Visit Recording - a feature to enable members to record their visit using their membership card or fob, whether they have a booking or are attending socially, and enabling this information to be accessed via the enhanced reporting (see above)
    For more details on the new features, please see the updates on the ClubNet News page.
    We are expecting the next couple of weeks to be busy as we help clubs re-open or move to the next stage.  We are ready and eager to help you - all I ask is that you try not to leave any requests to the last minute, so we can work as efficiently as we can to help as many clubs as we can!